Breaking News : Chinland Defense Force-Thantlang le Ralhrang I Kahnak Ah Ralhrang 5 Nak Tlawmlo An Thi

August 20-21 ah Hakha-Thantlang kar hmun pakhat ah ralhrang 200 hrawng le CDF-Thantlang i kahnak a chuak,ralhrang lei in a tlawmbik 5 hrawng an thi i,CDF lei in hliammi an um lo.

Ralhrang nih hriamngan in kah thlorh in an kahhna caah CDF hnu an tolh.

Atu zong Thantlang ah ralhrang tamngai an lut,mipi zong nih khua chuahluh umkal i ralring dingin Chinland Defense Force nih an thanh

Credit The Chin Post

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