Breaking News : Hakha khua hmun tampi ah meithal le bomb thawng a thang

Nihin September 23, zaan suimilaam 6:30 hrawng in Hakha khua hmun tampi ah meithal le bomb thawng theih than a si.

Hakhathar Lamruk tonnak, Lungphun Tlang, Hakha University le Chin Oo Si sang ah meithal le bomb thawng pehtlai in theih a si tiah sangmi hna sin in kan theih.

“Hakhathar, Chin Oo Si sang Cozah Zung hrawng le University Sianginn hrawng in kan theih. Leisen lei hrawng zong in a thang mi a lo nain khoika set in a si cu kan thei kho lo,” tiah Dawrthar sangmi pakhat nih The Hakha Post ah a chim.

Bomb le meithal thawng a than hnu ah Khuathar sang lei in Hakhathar lei ah Council ralkap tam nawn ke in an kal i an hnu in motor pahnih nih a zulh hna tiah kan theih nain, The Hakha Post nih kan fehter kho lo.

Tu zaan meithal le bomb puahkehnak ruang ah a thi mi le hma a pu mi an um le um lo theih a si rih lo. Hi thawng kan tial lio zaan suimilaam 9:50 tiang ah meithal le bomb thawng a dai rih lo.

The Hakha Post

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