Breaking News : Kata(ကသာ) ah ralhrang rallokap 30 hrawng an thi

Sagaing ramthen,Kata peng ah ralhrang rallokap le (KIA,Kata PDF ) i kahnak a chuak i ralhrang 30 hrawng an thi tiah Kata PDF nih June 28 ah a thanh.

June 24 ah Kata peng ah i kahnak a chuak i ralhrang 30 hlei ah hliammi an tam tiah an chim.

Kata PDF le KIA lei in a nunnak liammi le hliammi an um lo tiah an langhter.Kata peng chungah ralhrang rallokap nih ningcang lo in an tlaihmi hna minung 19 le a nunnak liammi 5 an um tiah Kata PDF nih an langhter.

Relchap ; Sagaing ramthen,Kata pengkomh,Thishui(ထီးခ်ိဳင့္) )peng ralhrang umhmun cu KIA le Thishui(HPDF) i bawmin an luhhnawh i ralhrang rallokap 14 an thi tiah thawngtheih asi.

Credit The Chin Post

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