Nizaan nai te ah CNN nih biahalnak tuahtu Christiane Amanpour nih Dr. Sasa he bia an i ruahnak ah Feb 1 zing ah Dr. Sasa le Daw Suu hmunkhat ah an umṭi tiah a chim. Mah cucu ramchung thawngzamh nih direct copy an tuah i an thanh ca ah Dr. Sasa hi Feb 1 zing ah Daw Suu he an um tiah kan zumh. Asinain, a taktak an biahalnak hnu zoh ṭhan tikah CNN biahaltu hi ai palh.  A tanglei ah Dr. Sasa le Christiane Amanpour an biaruahnak kan zoh ṭhan lai.

Amanpour: Pumpak kong in hal ko ninglaw, zeitindah Feb 1 uknak lak zing ahkhan na zaam ning? Kha zing kha Daw Suu he nan rak um tiah ka ruah. Mah zing ah zeidah a cang, zeitindah him tein na zaam ning a si hun ka chim tuah? Dr.Sasa: A ngai tiah cun kei hi cozah lutlai pakhat si ding ah rak timhlamh ka si. Nain, zingka kan i ṭhangh tik cu ralkap nih an kan kulh dih cang. Hmunkip ah ralkap an um cang. (Mah hnu bialehnak ahkhan Daw Suu he an umnak kong a peh tilo). Cu tikah kei kha hi kong hi mipi sin chim ding ah zaam ding ka hung si.

Taxi driver bantukin kai thuam i, ka himnak hmun phak ding ah nithum le zaanthum chung pehtlai in khualtlawng in ka rau” tiah Dr. Sasa nih a chim. Cu ca ah CNN nih Feb 1 zing ah Dr. Sasa cu Daw Suu he an umṭi ko a ti mi hi Dr. Sasa nih piang tein kan um ko tiah a let lo. Mis-quoted a si. Taxi driver bantukin ai thuam i a zaamnak kong tu cu a chim mi a si ca ah zumh ding a si. A tang ah mirang ca in

[Amanpour: “Can I ask you personally, about your story of you escaped the day of the coup. I think you were with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and tell me what happened on that day. And how you were able to flee to safety where you’re now?”Dr Sasa: “I mean I was supposed to take part in the formation of a government.

 And I was to take some senior role in a government. But we wake up in the morning of first of February and we saw ourselves locked down. We saw everywhere the military. It was terrible, terrible, terrible. Elected Officers, member of parliaments who are elected by the people of Myanmar, for the people of Myanmar.

They all saw themselves being locked up by the military generals. It was very very very terrible. I mean it’s intimidating. It was torturing on a face of democracy.””So I was asked to leave as soon as possible so that I can speck out about it. So I have to dress as taxi driver and that way. It takes me three nights, three days non-stop. Travelling from there.]Ref: Mrrat Kyaw Tu

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