Good News : Vuangtu SAC Ralhrang nih an Sakhaan an Chuahtak

Nihin (September 30) zinglei sml. 10:30 hrawng ah Vuangtu khua SAC ralhrang pawl nih an sakhaan an chuahtak, tiah thawng kan theih.

“Nihin zinglei ah khan Helicopter pakhat in an rak thiar dih hna. Vok an zuatmi pawl le an facang pawl zong khuami a kan pek ta,” tiah Vuangtu khuami tampi nih The Chin Journal ah an chim.

Vuangtu lei ah Helicopter a zuang timi thawngpang zong nihin zinglei ah The Chin Journal nih kan rak ttial cang.

An chuahtakmi Vuangtu SAC ralhrang sakhaan ah hin ralkap 8 hrawng lawng an rak um, tiah khuami hna nih an chim. The Chin Journal

Relchap ding : Hakha SAC Tender a Latu pawl October 1 Thawk in CDF-Hakha nih Dantat Timh

Hakha SAC nih a auhmi Tender le a dangdang rian pawl a latu/aa tlaihtu pawl fu October 1 thawk in fak fak piin dantatnak pek an si lai, tiah CDF-Hakha nih ca an chuah.

September 5 ah khan CDF-Hakha nih cathanh an rak chuah cang i, September thlathih tiang lawng SAC Tender rian ttuannak nawl pek nan si lai, tiah thawngthanhnak an rak tuah.

The Chin Journal

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