Hakha Khualipi Ah Thil Man A Let In A Kai Caah Khuami Thinphang In An Um

Hakha Khualipi AhThil Man A Let In A Kai Caah Khuami Thinphang In An Um: Chin ramkulh Hakha khualipi ah nihin um lo thei loin a herhmi ei din ding pawl voi dang tawn nakin let 2 in a man an kai i, atu bantukin aman a kai thluahmah rih ko ahcun khuami caah harsatnak kan tong kho tiah dawr ngeitu pakhat nih a chim.

“Nitin abiapi in a herhmi ei din a simi chiti, facang, cite le kalape hna an man a kai ning aa thei tuk. A dang breakfast caah ei mi chang (bread) tibantuk pawl zong a man an kai dih. Thil man nih a kai, khat lei in thilri phurh man nih le a kai ve. Chiti man hrim cu let khat in a kai. Cuai khat ah Kyat 3000 in an rak zuar tawnmi kha atu cu Kyat 6000 tiang a phan cang.”

“Kanmah cu ei din pawl hi Kalay myo ah kan cah tawn hna i a raubik ni 3 lawng a rau tawn. Nain atu cu zarhkhat, zarh hnih tiang an rau cang. Cun thilri cawk ding a um lo caan zong a tam fawn” tiah Hakha khualipi chung ah dawr a ngeitu pakhat nih a chim hi a si.

2021 kum, February 1 ni ah Kawl ralkap nih uknak an lak i, April thla hnu cun Chin ramkulh chungah kahdoh pehzulh in a chuak i khualtlawnnak le um kalnak a har i, Motor um kal zong a har deuh caah thilri phurh man zong a let in a kai ve tiah theih a si.

Hakhua khualipi ah dawr ngei pakhat pakhat nih, “Kanmah zong dawr thil a zuarmi kan si ve tikah thil zuar lo le cawk lo cun kan si kho ve ti lo. Atu ramkhel dirhmun nih le ruahdamh khawh a si rih lo tikah tu bantukin thilri man a kai thluahmah ko ahcun a har tuk te lai.”

“Atu hi riantuan ding a har lio caan zong a si rih. A har hrimhrim ko” tiah a chim. Zuu man zong motor um kal a har tuk cang caah a phurhnak a har i, Hakha khualipi chung ah zuu man pawl let 4 in an kai tiah zuu dawr ngeitu pakhat nih a chim ve. Atanglei hi Chin World nih a tialmi Mirang in rel chih khawh a si. Source: Chin World

English Version: Locals worried over more than double the price of basic foodstuffs in Hakha: In Hakha, the price of basic foodstuffs is twice as high as usual, and if prices continue to rise, it will be a problem for the local people, said a grocery store owner.

“The rise in prices of basic foods such as oil, rice, salt, and lentils is very significant. Other snacks are also more expensive. Oil prices have risen once. It is usually sold for 3,000. Now it has reached 6,000 kyats. Mostly I ordered goods from Kalemyo. Usually, it takes 3 days but now it even takes two weeks. Most of the things are out of stock” said a grocery store owner in Hakha.

Since the coup d’état on February 1, 2021, fighting has continued in Chin State, and transportation prices have risen sharply due to traffic congestion and traffic congestion.

A vendor in Hakha said, “Since we are also market vendors, it is not impossible to buy or sell. The current political situation is unpredictable and it will be very difficult if prices continue to rise. It is still a time of unemployment. It is very difficult.” Alcohol prices have risen fourfold in Hakha due to traffic congestion, according to a liquor store owner. Credit: Chin World

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