Kan Unau Mizo Pangkhua Thiamthiam Hi An Si Ko Ee Lawm A Um Tuk Khat Lei In

Mizoram, Pangkhua nih Chin kan Unau kan Sin ah Rak Zaam U, tiah Cathanh Chuah Mizoram, Pangkhua nih Myanmar buainak ruang ah Chinmi kan unau harnak nan ton ahcun kan sin ah rak zaam u, tiah cathanh an chuah.Pangkhua Village Councile le NGOs hna i bawm in kan in rak don hna lai i bawmhchanh a herhmi kan in bawmhchanh hna lai, tiah cathanh ah an langhter.The Chin Journal-March 24, Hakha

March Ni 17 thawngpang relchap na huam ah cun; Nikhat ni ah khan Garland (Dallas) TX, U.S.A ah Motor a fir mi le Meithal a fir mi hna cu Garland police nih an tleih hna. Kum 19 lawng asi rih mi Cung Thawng le kum 17 asi mi Ismael Castillo  si cun pakhat. Maroon Honda Pilot cu Police officer nih adawi i adonghnak bik dead end hmun ah a tleih hna.

 zan 11:00 P.M asi cang. Officer pa nih an motor hi dir u ati hna nain cucu ngai loin an kal chih caah a dawi hna i atleih hna. Cu ahcun Motor zong cu fir mi asi pinah Meithal zong an tleih chih hna. Cung Thawng cu (amahkhan) in a chung le nih $1,000 in an tlenh. An konglam cu biatak tein dotthlet cuahmah lio asi.

Garland officers quickly apprehended the driver, identified as 17-year-old Ismael Castillo of Dallas, and placed him under arrest.Officers discovered Castillo was armed with a handgun.Cung Thawng is currently in the Garland Jail, charged with Evading Arrest with a bond of $1,000.The investigation is ongoing and the two juveniles are pending possible charges and have been released to their guardians.With the assistance of Richardson Police, the other three occupants were arrested nearby.

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