New Zealand Cozah Nih Ralhrangbu He A Pehtlaih Mi Le Dollar Tampi Invest Mi Kong A Hlat Cang Lai

New Zealand Cozah nih Ralhrangbu he a pehtlaih mi le Dollar tampi Invest mi kong a hlat cang lai New Zealand ram ‘The New Zealand Super Fund’ cu Ralhrangbu sinah Hriamnam a cawk piak ton mi China Company pakhat nih Invest a tuah ti mi kongah hlat hlai dingin New Zealand Parliament nih Cozah cu a nawl.

China Vanlawng lei riantuannak – The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) nih (The New Zealand Super Fund) ah hin Kum 10 caah Dollar Nuai (100) reng lo Share a ngei tiah theih a si.AVIC Company nih Raltuknak Vanlawng le Missile hriamnam pawl cu Ralhrangbu sinah a zuar tawn tiah theih a si i, mah an puh nak zong hi a sau pah cang.

Mah kong he pehtlaihin New Zealan ramkhel party pakhat Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman nih “Ralhrangbu bawmhnak a pe nih Invest an tuah mi hi kan ngol ter a hau’ tiah a chimh hnuah a tu bantukin a New Zealand Cozah nih hlathlai a timh hi a si.source:Thithtoolwin- credit : The Chin Post

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