Pyi pengkomh chung ah khua pakhat nih mino 30 pek ding in ralhrang nih an hal hna

Pago ramthen nitlak lei, Pyi pengkomh khua cheukhat hna cu khuami mino pa asi mi khuakhat ah minung 30 pek ding in khuabawi hna sinin ralhrang phu nih an hal hna tiah theih a si.

The Kone (သဲကုန္း)peng chung ah khuabawi pakhat nih ” ralhrang hna nih khuachung um mino hna pek ding in an na hal.Khuakhat ah mino pa a si mi minung 30 nan kan pek lai an ti. A dang mino hna ahcun mino hna Pawta an phurhter hna tiah kan theih ” tiah a chim.

Pyi pengkomh chung ah Shwe Tuang peng le The Kone peng lei ah khua cheukhat mino hna cu ralhrang phu hna nih Pawta an phurhter hna tiah khuami hna nih an chim nain thawngfiang a si le si lo kan thei rih lo caah fiang tein kan chim kho rih lo tiah DVB nih a tial.

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