Thawng Pang Tha Dr. Sasa le US State Department Assist. Secretary Tonnak an Ngei Lai

Tu zaan ah Myanmar caankarlak cozah NUG in Dr. Sasa le US State Department Assistant Secretary Carrie Cabelka cu Myanmar ram kong he pehtlai in ton biaruahnak an ngei lai, tiah kan theih.

Dr. Sasa nih, “Tonnak hmun ah US le a hawile ram hna he atulio Myanmar ram ah a cangmi tuksum uknak hi zeitindah kan dihdonghter lai timi le Myanmar ram ah Federal Democracy uknak le remdaihnak zeitindah kan tlunter tthan lai timi kong pawl ceihmai a si lai,” tiah a Facebook ah a ttial.

Tonnak hmun ah NUG lei in Dr. Sasa, Union Minister pakhat le Deputy Minister pakhat tiin an i tel hna lai, tiah theih a si.

Credit The Chin Journal

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