Thawngthar Update : Manhung khuabawi Meithal In Kahthah A Si

Sagaing ramthen Humalin peng Na-maw khuatekomh ah a um mi Manhung khuabawi U Kyaw Myint cu July 28 zaan suimilam 8 hrawngah an umnak inn meithal in an kah i a thi tiah theih a si.

July 28 zaan ah meithal a tlai mi 4 cu mawtaw cycle 2 in an rat hnawh i, inncung in an hnuh i an kah caah a hmun ah a thi colh tiin Namaw khuami pakhat nih a chim.

U Kyaw Myint hi khuabawi pakhat a si hlei ah USDP khuatlang rualrembak hmu pakhat a si tiin an chungkhar hna nih an chim.

Namaw khua hi Chindwin tiva pawngah a um mi a si i, Tatse le Khin u pengah minung 3 cu a ho ti theih lo mi nih a hngawng an tan, meithal in kah/thahnak zong a um len tiah theih a si.

June, July thla chung Sagaing ramthen peng 37 ah mi thahnak 70 le hliamhma a pu mi 12 hrawng an um.Myoung pengah hmunkhat ah minung 2 thahnak voi 3 le hmunkhat ah minung 3 thahnak voi 2 a um tiah theih a si.

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