Tuluk nih Philippines ram hmun pakhat chuh aa timh ca ah Philippines le US raltuk ancawng tti

A luancia mi Philippines ram ah Tuluk nih hmun/ram a rak cuh I taza cuainak tiang a phan nain, Philippines nih a rak tei hnu ah Atu bantuk in Tuluk Hmun/ram pakhat a cuh tthan.

Atu bantuk in Tuluk nih Philippines hmun/ram a cuh mi a tei sual ahcun Vawleipi zeimaw zat ram a tlaih khawh (a lonh) ding a si ca ah atu hi Philippines hmun/ram a cuhnak hi a si. Cucaah

US ralkap 7000 le Philippines ralkap 10000 komh in raltuk an cawng tti. Philippines cu China nih a detkhawt ngaingai hnu US he raltuk cawnnak an ngeih tti hi a si.

Tuluk ram kiangkamh ah Philippines, Japan, Tawan, US Ralkap Hna an um tiah theih a si.

credit the chin light

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