Zualko : Nihin Hakha ah COVID-19 in Minung Pakhat a Nunnak a Liam

Nihin (August 12) Hakha ah COVID-19 in minung pakhat a nunnak a liam, tiah thawng kan theih.

A nunnak a liammi cu Hakha, Cherry lam, Lunghleiva pawng ah a ummi A Can a pa Pu Tial Kam (kum 60) a si.

COVID-19 Third Wave hnu in Hakha ah a nunnak a liammi minung 18 an si cang.

Nihin Hakha ah COVID-19 positive minung 10 an hmuh chap hna i Thantlang zong ah positive pahnih an um, tiah kan theih. Cred : The Chin Journal

Relchap : SI VL Chama Ralte, Dungtlang Police Station OC cu “Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation” 2021 kum caah pek a si.

Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation” award 2021 kum chungah palek 152 hna sinah pek a si.

Hi award hi kum 2018 in thawk a si i, sualnak hlatnak kong i tthanchonak ding le sualnak a hlat tu officer hna thiamnak(sualnak hlathlai i) theih piak nak ding i dirh mi a si.

The Chin Post

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